Gate City Writers Collective

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Words have the power to create change. It’s always been this way. They can unite or divide depending on their manner of use. We see this all too clearly in our increasingly fractured society. 

Writers have often been the biggest dreamers among us, willing to tackle challenges and shine light into the darkness. 

The Gate City Writers Collective is established for this purpose. 

Greensboro must move beyond the stifling mediocrity of its current leaders. Writers, as artists and philosophers, as creators and dreamers, can and must be at the forefront of this movement. 

As we move to build this creative force, GCWC is looking for the following:

Essays about life in Greensboro at this moment. Personal voices and anecdotes that give meaning to lived lives in the city.

Reportage on public policy as it specifically relates to Greensboro. 

Interviews with grassroots creatives: artisans, creators, leaders in small business and public policy. 

Feature articles about people, places, events and ideas that contribute to the public understanding of the city. 

The Gate City Writers Collective is working toward a payment structure for contributors. Pitch us at gatecitywriters at gmail dot com. 

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